Welcome to Taiwan Medical and Biotech Industry Association.
  Organization Chart  

The purposes of establishment

The purpose of the Association is to coordinate the relationship of the members in the industry, promote common interests, improve and promote the medical equipment industry and advance economic development.


Organization Chart

The TMBIA's Function

  1. The research and investigation of the medical equipment industry internationally and domestically.
  2. The study and suggestion of the industry policy and law.
  3. The promotion and proposition about the technology, management, design, and marketing.
  4. Holding or assisting the members to take part in the international or domestic exhibition.
  5. The service consigned by the government or members.
  6. Planning and holding the symposium and discussion meeting.
  7. The industry production and marketing information research and files set up.
  8. Collect, sort and provide the international and domestic books and periodicals.