creation to the Linx Hypnos Vape Pen

nowadays our evaluation is for the Linx Hypnos Vape Pen, this is a vape pen for wax and different strong concentrates

Linx is new to the vape pen scene but they are hitting it quite tough and they have a actually fine Vape Pen right here , it's far one of the nicest Vape Pen i have.

the appearance of the Linx Hypnos Vape Pen

the Linx Hypnos Vape Pen may be very small and the length of it's far truly underneath average Vape Pen,that makes it honestly discreet and stealthy which is very cool.Linx Hypnos Vape Pen

the Vape Pen outer shell is a scientific grade chrome steel , it's very lovely feeling and it also seems and feels certainly slick and stable/

you will word the glass mouthpiece on the tip which isn't very commonplace ,this is form of a new aspect i like that, and it screws into the pinnacle as opposed to being held in via an o-ring

the complete vapor direction of this Linx Hypnos Vape Pen is all scientific grade additives substances

that leads me to the Linx Hypnos Vape Pen's atomizer going by means of seems you could in all likelihood count on that this one is much like all of the different ceramic rod pens,but it is one of a kind

so first you have a ceramic lined heating chamber and there's a single ceramic rod wrapped in a titanium coil, that during of itself isn't always unusual

linx hypnos vape pen review but next you'll notice those 4 more air holes strategically placed across the top of the chamber and people are put there because one of the essential complaints with the Vape Pen is an excessive amount of draw resistance and not sufficient airflow or like a clogged feeling, when you visit take successful

so these more air holes at the pinnacle assist to have sufficient airflow and that they do a honestly true task

so you need to simplest need to % it approximately eighty percentage complete max, much like to the point under those holes and that makes the max capability of this perhaps like . 15 gram

so the capability is a little below average and might not appear to be loads

however you may be amazed at how lengthy that amount will closing