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2016 Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition
Location: Japan Tokyo Open Date: 2016-10-12
Auspices: Taiwan Medical and Biotech Industry Association Close Date: 2016-10-14
Contact: Tessa Jiang TEL: +886-2-29956099 ext.
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Introduction: In Japan, where the low birthrate and aging population are growing at an unprecedented pace in the world, the improvement of the entire foundation of the Social Security System is an urgent issue. These improvements include enhancements to current systems to meet the increasing needs of Long-Term Care in facing the expected peak in population in 2025, the expansion of support systems for the independent living needs of individuals with disabilities, and the improvement of systems designed to support those in need. For the government to overcome such challenges, the “Comprehensive Reform of Social Security and Tax” has been promoted to secure stable financial revenues and achieve fiscal consolidation simultaneously. Concerning Long-Term Care and welfare equipment, robotic care is now beginning to be used for people who need care or medical support to maintain independent living in their familiar environment. Increasing social involvement of individuals with disabilities, through initiatives such as the creation of new systems to eliminate social barriers or to provide reasonable accommodations, ties directly in to the expectation on welfare equipment. Welfare equipment will become one of the most important supporting tools pushing forward social involvement.