Welcome to Taiwan Medical and Biotech Industry Association.


This Association was established on February 3, 1953. Since all early members produced such consumables as medical cotton wool and gauze, etc., so this association was named as "Taiwan Absorbent Cotton Industry Association". Due to such factors as variation of the industrial structure year by year and redevelopment of administrative region, the name of this Association experienced with five amendments, and it was renamed as TAIWAN MEDICAL AND BIOTECH INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION in July 2003 till now. The chairman of this term (19th term) is acted by Mr. Francis Hong, the president of St. Francis Medical Equipment Co., LTD., and Mr. Tung Mao Su, the president of Chi Sheng Chemical Corp.. acts the convener of supervisors meeting. There are 27 directors of the board of directors, 9 supervisors of the board of supervisor, and a secretary-general in the secretariat. There are more than 360 members of this Association; they majorly produce such medical equipment as biochemical analyzer, oximeter, physiological minitor, home blood glucose meter, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotriptor, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, Diagnostic Ultrasound Imager, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator, operating table (lamp), dental X-ray machine, treatment tables and chairs, laboratory equipment, hospital beds, wheelchair, Electric Scooters, Prosthesis, protectors, gauze dressings, bandages, surgical gowns and caps, infusion tubes, syringes, gloves, testing reagents, artificial hip joints, contact lenses and medicine, and collagen.


The Main Task

To actively and effective promote the business of this Association, six teams as Regulatory Affair, Activity, Cross-Strait affairs, Foreign Trade, and Industry-Academia-Research Committee, Public relations committee, Charity Committee, Member Recruitment Committee, and Activities Committee are established to assist the chairman.


Future Perspective

Over 60 years has been elapsed since this Association was established. Comparing to traditional industry, the industry was neglected no matter in the industry itself and the industry policy in the past; however, facing the opportunities and threats brought by the large changes in the environment, this Association will uphold the experience heritage in previous efforts and environmental trends in the development, to propose the White Paper on industrial policy-making to officials for reference, in the next gold ten years. The Association will focus on the promotion in the regulations, research of industry and academy, cross-strait affairs, as well as market development and so on, especially the manufacturers in the face of product innovation, R & D of high-end medical material. This Association hopes to play a positive and counseling role in promoting the interaction and symbiotic win-win relationship among industry, government, academic and research interaction and, and to establish a pragmatic mechanism for interdisciplinary exchange platform as communication, interaction, dialogue and research. It is expected to take this opportunity to lead the integration between industry and academia, industry and industry, alliances and international technical exchanges and cooperation, to create the best interface for the members of the Association to enhance its competitiveness.